Black Lives Matter 11" Latex Balloon
Black Lives Matter 11" Latex Balloon

Black Lives Matter 11" Latex Balloon

$ 3.70

Check it, gang!  We've added a custom balloon, designed by the balloon bunnies & unicorns at funk|BALLOON!  

Yup, it's the same fancy-ass line we always use 'cept these are for a cause.  What that means to ya'll?   All proceeds for the sale of these will be donated to several rotating organizations - keep and eye on Von Walter + Funk & funk|BALLOON for where we'll be donating each month.

There's more too, babe!  When you check out, you can add a tip to your purchase - and guess what?!? Yup, those go to the same places!

☝️Balloons include helium and string ***for store pick-up + local delivery, only**  If you just want the balloons (no string or helium), shipped to you, please select that option

We recognize these balloons are a little more than ya'll be used to, but we're trying our darndest to make this process a sustainable model and give as much as we can to these organizations... without going brokesies 😎

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**Balloon Science: For the freshest balloons, we recommend picking up balloons the evening before or the day of your event (balloons can shrink a lil', they can matte... and sometimes you can have a random one or two that just poops out early). **BALLOONS OUTSIDE are problematic! Keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources or they WILL POP! Again, balloons placed in direct sunlight will pop - FACT! 

  • Outside balloons should be kept out of direct sunlight.. or they gonna go boom.
  • Balloons should be kept away from heat sources... or they gonna go boom.
  • Balloon releases ARE NOT COOL! Our balloons are 100% natural & biodegradable, but they need a minute .. u know, to degrade... biologically - in the meantime, releases can harm wildlife, clog streams and make garbage. Don't be an asshole 😳

**We do not offer refunds on balloons - If your balloons fall early, pop, etc, we do not offer refunds - sowwy, not sorry.  No, but seriously! It happens! We do everything possible to prevent it, but we're not wizards.