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Pittsburgh's Premier Organic Balloon Artists

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Who We Are

There's a lot of balloon artists out there, but there's no one who can do it like us

Von Walter + funkBALLOON is Pittsburgh's premier organic balloon artist, bringing balloon art to the next level, specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind balloon decor for weddings, mitzvahs, milestone events, baby showers, private parties and corporate celebrations... Basically any reason to throw a party, we got you.

Our Approach

Our approach to organic balloon art is simple (but still kinda complex):

1) Work with what we have;
We do our best to use existing features and architectures and embellish those pieces naturally (organically).. No rings or pole things... of course we'll install artwork where ever, on whatever, but we prefer to use what's in the space in it's most natural state.

2) Understand the scale of artwork. We're sticklers for the size and breadth of artwork. Artwork should compliment a space, not over or underwhelm it. This is the main reason we MUST see your space to provide a quote. Poorly scaled artwork can ruin organic design... Thankfully, we're badass at it

3) Support a positive guest experience. There's nothing worse than being a guest at an event that doesn't flow. It's your event, but it's your guests who make it a party. Organizing artwork to both compliment your space and make you and your guests feel comfortable and connected to the event is key. We're not planners (but we know some really f'ing good ones) - But once upon a time, we were interior designers and know where to put what... and make it look sick 😎💅

4) Never underestimate the importance of color. This is a big one for us, y'all - color is everything and sets the tone for your celebration; it evokes feeling, emotion and texture. Your colorway is YOUR brand and if your colors don't exist as a balloon color in the wild, we can, and will make them.

5) Make it pretty - babes, we don't stop, until it's perfect.

6) Have fun - ALWAYS. No but for reals, we LOVE what we do, babes and everything we create shows it

By sticking to these guiding principals, our work evokes an emotional response, transforming the otherwise mundane into something truly unique and inspiring.. and it always looks dope af.

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Our Work

Looking for balloons in Pittsburgh? Not sure what to call it? Call it a balloon arch, column or swag - whatever! (no judgement).  But what we do is so much more than that. 

Our work is designed to be one-of-a-kind, unique and unlike anything you've seen before. We call it organic because it transcends nature, designed to compliment our existing surroundings and spaces - it's asymmetrical and never the same - it's perfectly imperfect... and kinda f'ing magical✨ Hop over to our Instagram to see our work.



Whether you're having a small, intimate gathering at home or you're trying to outdo a real housewife (been there), we got you, boo!

Brass tax, we support budgets from $200 to $25K+ - It all depends on you. We also offer artwork under that threshold for p/u from our shop in Lawrenceville for DIY installation.. and we make REAL easy to DIY, babe.. like really easy.

Every space, event and vision is unique and your artwork should reflect that. The best approach is to understand what YOUR budget is for balloon artwork, for your event and let us create something for you based on that.


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Step 1

Complete our Installation request form our ring our shop (412-784-0800)

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Step 2

Schedule a site visit with us at your venue. Whether it's in your back yard or the Ritz, for budgets greater than $600, we must see your space to properly gauge the scale and overall scope of work to give you a quote. *Site Visits are $150, non-refundable and do not hold your date or guarantee your artwork or installation*

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Step 3

After the site Visit, we provide you with a digital rendering of your artwork in your space with tiered pricing in your budget as well as a suggested colorway

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Step 4

Once an option is selected, we provide you with a digital invoice to make payment and reserve your artwork and installation

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