An Interior Designer turned Balloon Artist

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Shawn Aversa Creative Director

“There's a lot of balloon artists out there, but there's no one who can do it like us”

Interior designer turned balloon artist (that's basically how it went down), Von Walter + funk started the organic balloon art movement in Pittsburgh in 2018... But let's back it up a lil'...Von Walter & Funk opened our doors in 2015, initially as a lifestyle shop with an interior design side-hustle; but then we got bored.  

Our Story

Fast forward 3 years and we were still searching for something new and different - an element for the shop.. something that transcended our love of unique & fun accessories & decor, but fulfilled our passion for design, pushing our creative boundaries & continually transforming our surroundings in thoughtful & creative ways... no but seriously. At about that same time, we were inspired by watching the organic balloon art movement unfold in other cities and believed we could put our own spin on it here in the steel city, and just like that, we became Von Walter + funkBALLOON🌈.

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Our Evolution

The evolution from shop to event collective really wasn't that far off - our design approach has always been the same (balloons or otherwise): To work with what we have - to accentuate & embellish an existing space or feature with our own interpretation of how that space will benefit most. From making subtle, but unique changes to existing architectures, understanding the importance of color, depth & spatial nuances, to understanding & thinking about light, scale, texture & overall functionality & intelligence (that's the organic part 😉). ...and we're really good at it 💅.

How it Works

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Step 1

Complete our Installation Request form; we'll reach out to you to confirm your details

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Step 2

Schedule a site visit with us at your venue. Whether it's in your back yard or the Ritz, we must see your space to properly gauge the scale and overall scope of work to give you a quote

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Step 3

After the site Visit, we provide you with a digital rendering of your artwork in your space with tiered pricing in your budget as well as a suggested colorway

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Step 4

Once an option is selected, we provide you with a digital invoice to make payment and reserve your artwork and installation