Balloon - Everything You Need to Know

Yup - we got 'em, gang 😎

We use only THE BEST quality 100% natural, biodegradable latex balloons.. made here in 'merica & Canada... not that shit from God knows where loaded with chemicals, plasticizers & f'ing awful color integrity.. I mean why?


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**Balloon Science: we *DO* use Hi-Float - this means your balloons will float for about a week.. no seriously. That said, for the freshest balloons, we recommend picking up balloons the day before or the day of your event (balloons can shrink a lil', they can matte... and sometimes you can have a random one or two that just poops out early).

  • Outside balloons should be kept out of direct sunlight.. or they gonna go boom.
  • Balloons should be kept away from heat sources... or they gonna go boom.
  • Balloon releases ARE NOT COOL! Our balloons are 100% natural & biodegradable, but they need a minute .. u know, to biodegrade - in the meantime, releases can harm wildlife, clog streams and make garbage. Don't be an asshole 😳

**We do not offer refunds on balloons - If your balloons fall early, pop, etc, we do not offer refunds - sowwy, not sorry**