Trend Alert: Pantone Reveals 2019's Hottest Colors

Yes, we admit it: we love following trends, even as we strive to set our own! There's nothing more exciting than refreshing your home and wardrobe with the season's most fabulous colors. Pantone is peering into their crystal ball and giving us a look at the future with their Home + Interiors Guide for 2019 along with their analysis of NY Fashion Week's hottest colors for spring and summer.

2019: Empowering, Uplifting, and Bold

Get ready to stand out! Fashions for both men and women feature bright, but not garish, colors. From Fiesta, an orange-red hue perfect for a party, to Princess Blue, a rich color steeping in elegance, these eye-catching colors will be fun to wear and feature in your home. (For entertaining in style, our Cocktail Napkins feature colors like 2019's Turmeric, Pink Peacock, and Princess Blue.)

If you're looking for an earthier feel, you'll love Toffee and Terrarium Moss. Aspen Gold and Mango Mojito are both golden yellow shades to brighten any room (including your closet!). With these colors, you're on-trend without being the brightest person in the room, just in case you'd rather blend in a bit! Depending on the event, that might be just the ticket. 

The 2019 Neutrals

Look for grounding shades like Soybean, a classic neutral, and Sweet Corn, a softer, almost buttery white. Variations on these two colors feature prominently in many of our products, including the Silo Mix, Mash, and Muddle Set, the Farmer's Pitcher, and more. Neutrals like these make it easy to stay on-trend and classic at the same time; you'll be able to use and love these items from year to year, even as the trendiest colors change. 

The deep blue Eclipse is calming and easy to pair with a wide variety of bolder colors, and it makes a stunning backdrop for jewelry like the Studebaker Metals Chevron Necklace or the Broad Cuff.

Outfitting Your Home for 2019

Keeping up with the hottest colors doesn't necessarily mean a complete redesign of your kitchen or living room—although it could! Check out Coastal Living for some incredible inspiration. However, if you're looking for a simpler way to embrace the trends, small touches here and there can do the trick.

Coastal Living mentions Pantone's "Cravings" palette, which features food-inspired colors like Cappuccino and Cayenne. Our Color Cord line is a perfect way to add that zesty pop in an unexpected corner of your room. We also love this Wheatfield with a Reaper Wallpaper because it reminds us of Pantone's gorgeous Rich Gold.

For a bit of fun in the bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, the Poet Blush Letter Board is reminiscent of Pantone's Sweet Corn—and letter boards are the thing right now. Add effortless humor or inspiration to your favorite room with a clever saying against a trendy neutral color. If you want to catch every trending color in one big swoop, Felt Ball Wool Trivets would be the way to go!

If you do choose to add an accent wall or to redo an entire room in a bold shade, complete your update with some new items for entertaining, like the Florin Brass and Mirror Bar Cart with Gold Geometric Collins Glasses or Seneca Faceted Crystal Tumblers. Being somewhat obsessed with the rich blues this coming season, we can't help but think of how beautiful these items would look beside a Princess Blue coach or against an Eclipse wall!

When it comes to color, it's not too soon to look ahead to spring and summer. It'll give you something to look forward to during the cold winter months! Start planning your wardrobe and your home decor refresh now, and greet 2019 with fresh pops of bright color.