Let's Get Festive! 2018's Holiday Decorating Trends

The changing leaves and crisp autumn breeze can only mean one thing: the holidays are coming! As you begin pulling out all your favorite cool weather clothes, the excitement of decorating your home is bound to creep in. It's nesting season, and we know you want your home to be as wonderful and unique as you are. So, get ready to throw caution to the wind and get creative! Sure, decorating a Christmas tree and hanging stockings are traditional staples, but 2018's holiday decorating trends go beyond the expected.

Let Von Walter & Funk help you transform your home with 2018's gorgeous decorating trends!

Pastel Decorations

Instead of the typical red, green, and white colors, a huge trend this year is going to be pastel color schemes. Think of fun and spunky colors like pink, baby blue, magenta, mint green, white, etc. You can easily spruce up your tree by adding these colors in the form of ornaments. Try adding some glamour by placing gold or silver stars and other tidbits around your tree as well.

Chunky Knit Tree Skirt

We love the chunky knit blanket trend. If you follow social media, you've likely seen these blankets taking the world by storm. Wrapping a chunky knit blanket around the bottom of your Christmas tree will make add a whole lot of warmth and coziness to any room. A classic white or gray will flow with other colors nicely, or choose a color based on your room's color scheme.

Hints of Mother Nature

The 2018 holiday season is going to be full of woodsy, grainy, frosty, bark-like textures inspired 100% by nature. Decor examples include twigs, snowflakes, feathers, stars, deer, leaves, pumpkins, and fir trees. Top decor elements will include decorative wood figures, cranberries, candle holders, wreaths, wooden trays, and other hanging decorations such as frosted pine cones or owls. You can even make some yourself with natural objects found in the great outdoors!

Urban Chic-mas

Contemporary, urban decor is going to be a huge hit this year! You can accomplish this look by mixing various metal hues such as gold, silver, and brass. Create continuous reflections by placing these pieces near the lights in your home. Simple geometric forms in the shape of trees, ornaments, candle holders, and more can add simplicity and elegance to your decor.

White Christmas

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? You're in luck, as white will forever be a timeless and classy Christmas decor option in any home. If you're searching for a magical wintery feel, choose white trees, white stockings, and basically white everything! Add hints of green or red to add a simple pop of color while keeping this classic look.

Pro tip: Pops of gold and silver look great with white too. Von Walter & Funk's new balloon line is the perfect way to achieve this look with their gorgeous gold and silver metallic chrome balloons!

Eclectic Colors

On the flip side, another on-the-rise trend is the addition of super-saturated color. Think of putting together every color in the rainbow; the more colors, the better! This will look especially great if you have a solid color fireplace such as black or white as it will make the colors really pop! check out our custom color wool felt ball garlands! This offers a super easy way to get exactly the colorful look you desire.