'Magic Mushroom' Organic Bubble MINI-MINI Balloon Garland
'Magic Mushroom' Organic Bubble MINI-MINI Balloon Garland

'Magic Mushroom' Organic Bubble MINI-MINI Balloon Garland

$ 75.00

Made fresh, daily by free range, ethically sourced balloon bunnies & unicorns 'The Bubble'  is roughly 1/2 the size of Mini Garland, all thick n' chunky like we do.


S I Z I N G  +  A B O U T  🌈

Classic White, Orange, Dusty Pink, Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Goldenrod, Yellow + Shiny Chrome Gold😍

100% air-filled (this artwork does not float), 3ish x 3ish x 2ish feets - fluffly/bubbly/magical & pre-styled with a hanging wire so all you have to do is drop it on a hook, tack or command strip! E-A-S-Y!   Have another idea for your Bubble? Tell us what you're thinking - we'll hook you up with some mechanics for your install sitch.

Want Drippy Tails? (...You def want Drippy Tails). Drippy Tails take your artwork to the next level - They consist of shiny foil or vinyl strips, (or whatevs we have laying around our art room) matched to your colorway, that we tether to the bottom of your artwork to give some extra magic. Check our 'Burst' gallery to see some examples.





L E A D   T I M E 🌈

All artwork is made to order! We encourage y'all to pre-order, but you might ring us or stop in the shop - If we're not cray biz, we need about 30 mins to make ya one :)


D E L I V E R Y   +   I N S T A L L A T I O N 🌈

Want it delivered? Installed? We offer delivery and 'quick' installation, within a 5 mile radius of our studio in Lawrenceville starting at $25. Delivery is available for up to a 20 mile radius of our studio. Further than 20 miles? email or call us - we'll see what we can do ❤️ **if choosing to have us install, please let us know where you'd like us to install or we'll use our best judgement. You can leave your notes for us in the 'Special Instructions for Seller' section  or in the 'Delivery Instructions' when checking out or send us a photo of your desired location site at hello@vwfunk.com. Please know install is '10 mins or less' kinda style... on a fence, front door, porch railing, steps railing, bannister... a tack on a wall... ya feel?  If your desired installation location is questionable or you're just not sure, leave us a note when you check out.


P I C K - U P 🌈

If picking up your Bubble, just give us some space in your back seat, trunk or cargo area (we'll help you get it in there :)


A D D - O N S  🌈
add a foil balloon, a number ballon or a random giant balloon to your artwork!
About our Balloons 🌈

Gang, we use only THE BEST quality, 100% natural, biodegradable latex balloons, made here in 'merica & Canada... not that garbage from party stores loaded with chemicals, plasticizers & f'ing awful color integrity ..that end up in a landfill.. Like why?

Sustainability 🌈

All of our latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and can be composted. All of our foil and latex balloons can also be recycled - Ask us about our recycling program with our waste management partner

Balloon Science 🌈

For the best balloon experience, we recommend picking up artwork the evening before or the morning of your event; however, balloon artwork, inside, can last up to one month.

Balloon artwork, outside, can last 24 to 72 hours, depending on the weather.

  • Balloons placed in direct sunlight will deteriorate quickly and WILL pop.
  • Temperatures over 80 degrees will shorten the lifespan of outdoor artwork
  • Outdoor artwork can be problematic due to heat, sunlight, wildlife, sharp things and mean people
  • Balloon releases ARE NOT COOL! Our balloons are 100% natural & biodegradable, but they need a minute .. u know, to degrade... biologically - in the meantime, helium balloon releases can harm wildlife, clog streams and make garbage. Don't be an asshole 😳

**We do not offer refunds on balloons - If your balloons fall early, pop, etc, we do not offer refunds - sowwy, not sorry.  No, but seriously! It happens! We do everything possible to prevent it, but it's not totally unavoidable.