About Us

Von Walter & Funk are purveyors of fine goods, carefully selected to elevate living by offering passionately inspiring, uniquely curated and tastefully eclectic collections for the home, garden, apothecary, paper and vintage lines. VW&F’s mission is simply to offer high quality, unique and hard to find gifts & goods in a beautifully designed setting coupled with exceptional customer service and quality.

Von Walter & Funk was founded in 2015 by Shawn Aversa and Jamie McAdams as a luxury boutique in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The shop’s concept and products are heavily influenced by the co-owners extensive travels and reflects their personal take on a traditional French atelier as they have visited in Paris. 

Additionally, Jamie and Shawn designed the store in many ways as a tribute to their lifetime of learning and experience from each of their families. The name was selected to honor their maternal grandmothers and family matriarchs, Janet Irene (Von) Walter & Harriet Pauline Funk. Both of German descent, each woman can also trace her roots back to Colonial America, and while each woman lived in a very different time apart from one another, each made a profound impact on her grandson’s life, inspiring each of them to be passionate about life in everything they do, to work hard, to approach the world and their surroundings creatively and to pass on that commitment to their families, loved ones and fellow man and woman. The great influence of these two women is the hallmark of the shop, grounding Von Walter & Funk to a commitment to quality and excellence. 

Shawn Aversa & Jamie McAdams, are not only the owners of Von Walter & Funk, but also partners in life. They have traveled extensively, scouring countryside & cityscape both at home and abroad in search of unique items and inspiration for their store. With the great influences of their grandmothers and families, both bring a unique style and creativity to their lives focusing much of that on their shop and their own home ‘project’, caring for and restoring their turn of the century Queen Anne Victorian in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. where they live with their 3 CRAZY dogs, Max, Missy, and Penny. 

With a fondness for a number of historical periods, you’ll find both their home and shop mixed with Victorian, Second Empire, Art Nouveau, Depression Era & Primitive décor (to name a few) and wares arranged and styled in curated vignettes modeled after anything from an English Manor to a rustic farmhouse. The gifts and wares offered at VW&F are carefully sourced to bring the highest quality, tastefully eclectic and uniquely crafted items that passionately inspire colorful and beautiful living. Coupled with their commitment to creative design and superlative customer service, Shawn and Jamie believe their customers too will be inspired and find passion in VW&F’s offerings. 

Von Walter & Funk have lots of stories and memories of their families and grandmothers, but most importantly, Von Walter & Funk are bound to support those memories and stories, alongside each owner’s expertise, by providing a singularly profound commitment to excellence in both the goods they sell and the quality of their service to their clients. Pictures of Janet and Harriet hang in the shop at Butler St. to remind their grandsons of the love and values they instilled in them and to watch over their family and the shop; Shawn, Jamie, Janet & Harriet welcome you to Von Walter & Funk.