pittsburgh organic wedding event balloon art
Von Walter + funkBALLOON is Pittsburgh's premier organic balloon artist, bringing balloon art to the next level, specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind balloon decor for weddings, mitzvahs, milestone events, baby showers, private parties and corporate events. Our Motto is go big or go buy that DIY kit online... Cuz nobody can do what we do 💅.
Our approach to organic balloon art is simple (but still kinda complex):
- work with what we have. We do our best to use existing features and architectures and embellish those pieces naturally (organically)
- understand the scale of artwork
- support a positive guest experience
- never underestimate the importance of color (or lack of in some cases)
Let us make your event amazing and create a lasting memory for you and your guests... otherwise, why bother. Whether you want an organic balloon arch or garland or your entire venue covered in balloons - we got you 😎.
Wanna see what we can do? Check out our gallery here to learn more about style, brand, pricing and what makes us Pittsburghs best organic balloon artist.
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