Custom Balloon DecalZ

Custom Balloon DecalZ

$ 40.00

Wanna say something? ... On a balloon?  Yup, we can do that😎

That's right, gang, we can put a custom vinyl decal on any of our Big-Ass Balloons you can say anything.... anything 😈...  Oh and you can add a Bougie-Ass Balloon tail here.. u want one.. or two 😎

Decals are $40, PLUS the cost of the balloon. With helium, prices are:

$35 - 36" Balloons

$25 - 24" Balloons

After you add to your cart, the price of the balloon will be added to the decal price.

How it works:

  1. Choose your color
  2. Choose your balloon color n' size
  3. Add to your cart
  4. At check-out, add a note to your order and tell us what you wanna say OR that you'll be sending us a *high res* image to
  5. Tell us when you need your balloon decal (we need at least 24hrs, but could need up to a week - plan accordingly 😳)
  6. We'll reach out to you to firm everything up and confirm a pick-up time.


  • ☝️Vinyls/hand lettering can really only fit on our 24" or 36" balloons
  • ☝️Keep it simple. We're good, but we're not f'ing wizards. Logos cannot be highly complex in their design (intricate lil' thangs don't cut well). 
  • ☝️Less is More - If you've got a lot to say (been there), perhaps a strongly worded letter?
  • ☝️Language or logos need to be linear, not circular. The curvature of the balloon makes applying large circular designs nearly impossible.. we can do round stuff, but it can't be too big.
  • ☝️We can do multiple colors, but they cannot overlay each other - each color must be on it's own. Email us if you have multiple colors.
  • ☝️Designs are hand-laid on a round, squishy balloon... and we're pretty damn good, but if you have a logo that must be P-E-R-F-E-C-T, this isn't for you, babe.. just sayin'.
  • ☝️Not sure about your design? Send us whatcha got - we'll figure something out 😘