Custom Organic Balloon Installations: What They Are & Why We Love Them

We’ve got a new favorite way to decorate your event space here at Von Walter & Funk, and it has nothing to do with flowers. You read the title correctly: We're talking about organic balloon installations! We’re so thrilled about these -- say goodbye to traditional, drab event decor as you know it, and hello to one-of-a-kind, custom decor crafted specifically for you and your vision.

You may have already spotted pictures of these colorful installations spilling out of windows or storefronts on our social media. Today we’re bringing you the 411 on organic balloon installations -- and sharing how to get your very own custom balloon installation for your next big event!

So...what exactly is an organic balloon installation?


The term “organic balloon installation” might sound like an elusive party platter that’s only available at Whole Foods, but the truth is, organic balloon installations are way more exciting.

What are organic balloon installations? These bubbly displays are made of hundreds of balloons in varying sizes that are arranged into dynamic, eye-popping, and vibrant arrangements. These arrangements occupy spaces in one-of-a-kind ways and typically span great lengths.

The reason these large-scale installations are known as “organic” is because they aren’t your run-of-the-mill, predictable balloon column. They’re a work of art -- in fact, as they come together, the clusters of balloons take on a mind of their own, hence the word “organic”. While balloon installations require a huge amount of planning and craftsmanship, it’s impossible to predict exactly what they’ll look like, and no two installations will ever be the same. These balloon installations will stick around for a surprisingly long amount of time (they last up to two months in the right conditions!). And they’re custom-made works of art that are prepared specially for you -- what could be more thrilling than that?!

How does it work?

At Von Walter and Funk, we take a personalized, hands-on approach to custom balloon installations. Our installations start with an initial consultation where we’ll discuss your vision with you. We'll travel to you and your space, where we’ll determine the size of the installation based on your budget, pick out a colorway for your installation, decide where the balloons will go in the event space, and answer any other questions you might have. Please note that we require at least 2 weeks of advance notice for all installations.

After your initial consultation, you’ll leave the rest with us! Before your event, we’ll blow up each individual balloon, join them into twirling works of art, and then set them up in time for the big day. 

Balloon installations start at $450. This covers the cost of labor, materials, and travel.


We couldn’t be more excited about organic balloon art here at Von Walter & Funk. Trust us: These installations are the wow factor you’re looking for when it comes to event/party decor! To take your event to the next level and find out how you can get your own Pittsburgh custom balloon installation, visit our Funk balloon page for more info and browse our online gallery for more inspiration!