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Small Business Saturday; Shop Small Starts HERE!

Start your holiday shopping off right and score a little something extra to keep you going through the season!  Shop Small Saturday is November 26th & Von Walter & Funk is rewarding our shoppers with a $10 Gift Card for every $100 spent that day (spend $200, get a $20 Gift Card, etc.)!  PLUS, any purchase at VW&F gets you $1 off a Latte next door at The Butterwood Bake Consortium!! Gift cards are redeemable any day after Shop Small Saturday!

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These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things; VW&F Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get everyone on your holiday list this year? Check out Von Walter & Funk's Holiday Gift Guide! This year, the style gurus at VW&F have curated some fabulous unique gift ideas for everyone on that list!

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Table For Sixteen? No Sweat!

To give a perfect dinner of ceremony is the supreme accomplishment of a host wrote Emily Post on the highly orchestrated ordeal of hosting a formal dinner, and not for the novice to attempt. If this were 1910, I’d be inclined to agree with her; however, today, with a few key elements of classic etiquette and some modern ingenuity & style, anyone can throw a table together for any occasion. Now that the dust has settled from our anniversary party and I’m in good shape for our holiday line-up at the shop (if you missed it, it was rather epic...

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There's No Place Like Home - There's No Place Like Home - There's No Place Like Home

Of course we all know who spoke those immortal words, but more importantly, we can all understand the significance of what a home means to each of us. Our home is much more than just a house; it's our place of comfort & sanctuary where our true selves play out a masterful portrayal of who we are; A home is truly our storied place of heart & soul. As the Fall season has crept into our lives and we're starting (slowly) to move the party inside, we're also starting to think about our interior spaces and looking for ways to...

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Ready to Step-up Your Towel Game? One Word: Imabari

“The towels were so thick I could hardly close my suitcase” once joked Yogi Berra, at the idea, not terribly dissimilar from the one many of us have had (admit it) who’ve been to a swanky hotel and found ourselves contemplating how to get those luxurious towels back home. The only thing Yogi got wrong was this idea of thick towels being the best… or at least worth smuggling home in your suitcase. It’s true, though, thick, fluffy towels are a thing of the past, and while I was on that sauce for a long time, myself, The newest wave...

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