The Farmer's Daughter Valentine's Bouquets

The Farmer's Daughter Valentine's Bouquets

$ 60.00

❤️❤️ These are *Pre-Order* bouquets that will be ready for pick-up at our shop on Saturday, Feb. 13th & 14th |12-4|  ... just like when you get 'em at their shop... 'cept at our shop ❤️❤️

Gang, A COURSE we got the flower hook-up 😎

From the flower gurus at The Farmer's Daughter, we've got a lil' thang goin' on just for Valentine's Day, babe.

Choose from two (2) options - both cute (y'all know how they do), one's just a lil' smaller ❤️

☝️ Each option comes boxed, wrapped and ready to go 😘

The Options:

❤️  "Sweetest Love" Floral Arrangement
a petite arrangement of flowers in a mod vase
❤️ "Petite Fleurs" Mod Bud Vase- 
mod bud vase of flowers

**Your flowers may not look EXACTLY as pictured... Relax, they'll be cute**