Premium Glass & Mirror Polish

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Who says glass cleaner has to be blue? We offer the perfect ammonia-free alternative to the blues. This dye-free cleaner instantly leaves a streak-free shine. Put the sparkle back on all of your reflective surfaces.

USES Any reflective surface: Windows, Mirrors, Shower Doors, Eyeglasses and all of your digital devices (spray the cloth, never spray device directly).

DIRECTIONS Spray and buff dry with a lint-free cloth.

MH ADVICE Spritz stains for a quick laundry pre-treatment, and add a bit of your detergent for a plant-based laundry boost. Easy.

MH VALUES  Your phone is one of the most filthy surfaces you contact every day. A quick spritz on a lint-free cloth and a wipe over your screen will keep the bacteria count to a minimum.

INGREDIENTS  Water, SD Alcohol 40-B

MADE WITH CARE    100% Cruelty-Free & Made in the USA.

TAKE CARE   This product is people, pet, & plant friendly when used as directed. Even so, please exercise caution. Do not ingest, avoid contact with eyes and please keep out of the reach of children.