Paperself Tartan Sheer Socks - Purple and Red

Paperself Tartan Sheer Socks - Purple and Red

$ 24.00

These will knock your socks off!

The Tartan design is taking the traditional checked print and giving it a modern twist. The design includes the addition of dots on top of the checked print to give a more stylish look, but with keeping the traditional style of the tartan.

Designed in London and created with a well-established 40 year old manufacture in Taiwan to create sheer socks. They are a traditional manufacture that allowed us to blend art with traditional textile technique, including hand trimmed to add the perfect finishing touch to the overall design.

Fabric is silky with a delicate feel, soft on the skin and also wearable and durable.


One Size fits all

EU size 36~41/UK size 3.5~7.5/US 5.5-9.5

97% Nylon, 2% Polyester, 1% Elastic