Mooni Color Changing Cube Light

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Just in time for summer, we love these lamps for outdoor entertaining. Not like a traditional lamp, Mooni® lanterns not only provide illumination, they create experiences that are controlled by you. Select from a spectrum of color options to suit your mood. Having a party? We have dynamic light settings that work perfectly for that. Easily transition from an indoor space to an outdoor setting by simply taking your Mooni lantern with you. Convenient USB charging allows you to charge your lantern anywhere in the world.

Waterproof rating: IP67 Float in a pool, leave outside in the rain, water will not enter.

11.8” x 12”

300mm x 305mm

Weight 3.31 lbs
Dimensions 11.8 x 12 in

Micro USB charger w/USB wall adapter



Setup time

Charge before use 4-8 hours

Usage time

8-10 hrs just light