Milton Brook Unglazed Porcelain and Wood Mortar and Pestle (more options)

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Heavy, sturdy rough-finish porcelain mortar and pestle from Wade Ceramics, with beautiful beechwood handle.  Cream colored rough-surface. Stain resistant. Fully vitrified porcelain mortar and pestle head. Natural beechwood pestle handle. Hand washing recommended.

Size 0: 5 oz. capacity. 3.8 in. approx diameter, 2.25 in. high. 6.75 in. long pestle.

Size 3: 0.75 pint capacity. 5.9 in. approx diameter, 3.2 in. high. 7.5 in. long pestle.

Size 6: 8 in. approx diameter, 4.25 in. high. 9.5 in. long pestle.