Maak Lab Liquid Soap

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Based on gritty scents found just outside the doors of Maak Lab, this wet soap features notes of asphalt, wet cement, and crack weeds. Mixed from all natural olive, coconut, cocoa and essential oils, this liquid soap can be diluted or used as-is for a gentle cleanse with a strong scent.

Maak Lab's wet soap is all natural, made in their Portland shop from raw oils to finished suds.  It is made from natural vegetable oils, essential oils, absolutes, and without any artificial ingredients. Recommended for body, hands, and face, but works just as well for dishes, camping, and hair. Mixture is thin but potent; it can be diluted 1:1 with water if desired, or used full-strength in smaller portions. Best used within 12 months from purchase for maximum scent.

Notes of

  • white cedar (lab side); Lavender Bloom (street side)
  • dry balsam wood (lab side) ; Wet Cement (street side)
  • magazine binding (lab side); Crack Weeds (street side)
  • wifi waves (lab side); Asphalt (street side)


  • all natural olive & coconut oil soap
  • scented with botanicals and essential oils
  • no artificial ingredients
  • 4.5 ounces / 12.5 ounces