Linnea's Lights 11 oz Soy Candle (more options)

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Each candle is hand crafted in small batches to maximize their scent/wax concentration to ensure the ultimate in cold and hot fragrance throw. Every step of creating a Linnea’s Lights® candle is touched by the human hand. From hand blending, pouring, and finishing, our candles are created with passion and an unwavering commitment to quality and beauty. 

11 oz, soy, double wick candle with 60-70 burn hours

Vessel dimensions:    3-3/8" D x 4-3/8" H

Net Weight:    11 oz.

Scent Profiles:

Belgian Linen: florals + sea air + golden flax

Lavender: herbal lavender + rosemary + bergamot

Moroccan Rose: rose petals + atlas cedar + musk

Peony: oriental blooms + green stems + rose musk

Persian Lime: tart lime + grapefruit + vetiver

Vetiver: earthy grass + sandalwood + petitgrain

Moss & Lichen: cedar leaf + fir needles + sandalwood

Magnolia: ylang ylang + magnolia blooms + spanish moss