Gold Unicorn Cake Topper/Birthday Candle Holder

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Perfect for any occasion (or just because) this adorable unicorn candle holder or cake topper is splendid for your cupcake, cake or any dessert that needs an extra touch.

These gold painted plastic unicorn can either have a candle holder to hold a birthday candle OR not and will simply be a pretty addition to the top of your cake. And they are reusable. Simply hand-wash gently & enjoy again! 

This paint is not considered "food safe". If that is a concern for you, simply scoop up any part of your dessert that the feet of the holder have touched before you serve your dish. Let me know if you have any questions. 

These unicorns are slightly larger than the other candle holders we sell (she is 3 inches tall from horn to hoof & 3 inches long from tail to nose). As you can see, in the pictures, she still fits on top of your cupcake but is also large enough to fit beautifully on top of a full sized cake.