FREEDMAN Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 091722freedman

FREEDMAN Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 091722freedman

$ 3,190.00

Thank you for your interest in a funk|BALLOON 🌈 custom Organic Balloon Art Installation!

Please read through this listing, carefully and let us know if anything is incorrect for your event. 


  1. Two long garland runners with cascades over the ends for two tables that will be 30 feet long, plus 3 feet for each end of the table for a total of 72 feet
  2. A balloon “runner” at the top of the pipe and drape that is going in front of the stairs/behind the DJ in the foyer, roughly 20 feet wide.  Using 3 Jumbo organic garlands. Artwork will be asymmetrical and spill a little downward on each side of the top of the pipe and drape.


TBD, but tentatively, Classic Pink, Shades of Purple & pops of Turquoise/Aqua/Carib. Blue - Think Monet Tuilleries x watercolor vibes

(* denotes a custom color - custom colors are an upcharge of 10% of the overall art cost/color).


Installation will occur on Saturday September 17th, 2022 at 1pm (event to be photo ready by 6pm) at Hotel Monaco & will take roughly 4ish hours to complete. 


  •  - DJ Curtain 'runner' (2J) - $800
  •  - 72' Balloon Table Runner (@$25/ft) - $1800
  • Custom Colors - n/a
  • Additional Mileage - n/a
  • Site Visit (does not reserve your date) - $150 - n/a
  • 50% Deposit (reserves your date, non-refundable) - n/a
  • Same Night Strike (take down) - $300
  • Administrative Fee - $290

 TOTAL: $3,190.00


🌈 Take Down

After the event, funk|BALLOON will strike the installation, directly after the event, the same evening, beginning at 11pm (event to conclude at 10:30pm).


🌈 Cancellations

** Cancellations 2 weeks to your event are non-refundable - Cancellations 30 days to your event are refundable at 50% ** Site Visits & 50% Deposits to reserve your date are never refundable ** By completing this purchase, you agree to these terms. **


🌈 Other Stuff to Know

**funk|BALLOON is not responsible for popped, shriveled or vandalized balloons - No artwork is guaranteed, but outside artwork can be problematic due to weather, heat, wildlife, sharp things & mean people.. balloons may pop, shrivel or matte/oxidize - funk|BALLOON does everything possible to mitigate this, but please know that it is not totally unavoidable & funk|BALLOON does not guarantee the lifespan of any installation**