Custom Organic Balloon Installation - DEPOSIT - job id: 062219DAYOFPGH

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Set-up will occur on site at the Roxian Theater in McKees Rocks on Thursday & Friday June 20th & 21st (exact time tbd, but roughly 6 hours are needed/day) - installation will occur on the 21st.

Installation will be balloons that start by spilling out of the centered light above the mezzanine and then stay within the parameter of that dropped wall (anything below that will block the view from the cocktail floor). The balloons stop at that point until the steel beam that separates the viewing area of the mezzanine and then we begin again and spill up into the ceiling and onto the adjacent wall on the right.  When folks are looking at this from the cocktail room (unless they’re right under it), will see both parts as one big cluster.. an optical illusion, basically.  

Additionally, balloons will be installed in the main entrance vestibule/lobby seeping out of the closed doors and spilling up onto the ceiling, organically.

Colorway will consist of: black, gold, chrome gold (the really shiny metallic one), teal, emerald, burgundy & violet purple.

(pricing does not include removal of installation)