Custom Organic Balloon Installation - job id: 061419LUX

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It's June & that means PRIDE!!!  This installation will be provided to Luxeredux Bridal (our bestie down the way) for the month of June... But this is not your average rainbow 🌈 .. we're using soft tones of pinks, yellows, greens, blues, violets, lilac & lavender... and a little shiny in there 'cause that's how we do. Think soft, elegant, sexy 💅.


This installation will occur on Friday June 14th and will take roughly 5 hours to complete. We'll be taking over the first archway in the shop for a BOMB photo shoot/backdrop. We'll then continue that colorway in place of the previous installation for the grand opening back in October, exploding rainbow realness from the floor to the ceiling and stretching the whole way to the windows from behind the front desk... it's gonna be fu<king EPIC!


***This rendering is ONLY for purposes of confirming the general location and layout of the installation. Colors & the actual install will be far more nuanced and show depth & interest. Adjustments during installation may be made for artistic license, always keeping the general layout and always confirming with the customer.***