Custom Balloon Installation - job id: 101219GIBSONCAP

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This installation will begin when you walk in the office at the two pillars framing the central corridor, tucked high and tight to the ceiling (with little organic dips and turns), meandering to the far wall seating area where it will spill down the sides and billow onto the floor.  The second installation will begin in the kitchen (high & tight to the ceiling) and naturally meander out into the main office space and dip and peak and then finish just as it spills into the view of the far end of the hallway seating area. I don’t envision it connecting, physically. It’ll be more of an optical illusion, appearing the connect to the other installation when you’re positioned in the kitchen.

Colorway: Teal, Orange & Olive

Installation date: Saturday October 12th, 11:30-6 (roughly). funk|BALLOON will create & install on-site, same day.

This invoice includes $250 to strike the installation whenever requested by the customer :)