Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 060420BELVILLE/1

Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 060420BELVILLE/1

$ 612.00

Artwork for this installation will be tethered to & suspended from the Norwegian Maple in the front yard and will organically follow the primary branch pattern and taper down the trunk. ($600)💜 

Also including Two 3 foot custom vinyl Helium balloons (Spring Green Balloon, white lettering with a lime green & shades of purple Bougie Tails). Message will be in the Dr. Seuss font and read: 1) 'Oh the Places You'll Go!" & 2) 'Alexandra The Ellis School Class of 2020'($80) 💜 


ELLIS SCHOOL ALL THE WAY!! Spring Green, Lime Green & Classic White with pops of Lilac & Neon Violet


Installation will occur on Thursday, June 4th at 1400 N. Highland Ave/15206 at about 10am. 

 Adding 10% for May/June grads promo/Neighborhood discount*

Grand Total: $680, less 10% = $612.00 

After the event, funk|BALLOON *will* strike the installation.