Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 053020MONDOR

Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 053020MONDOR

$ 250.00

Artwork will be one 12ish foot custom funk|JR garland, installed on the left front porch column flanking the porch steps (when facing the porch from the street). The installation will creep from the left of the column at the railing level and organically climb the column and just reach into the open space above the porch steps


Shades of green with pops of blue, red & yellow❤️ 

INSTALLATION & SET-UP: (waiving delivery)

Installation will occur on Saturday, May 30th at 9am, at 1126 Heberton Ave & will take roughly an hour to complete. 

After the event, funk|BALLOON will *Not* strike the installation.

**funk|BALLOON is not responsible for popped, shriveled or vandalized balloons - No artwork is guaranteed, but outside artwork can be problematic due to weather, heat, wildlife, sharp things & mean people.. balloons may pop, shrivel or matte - funk|BALLOON does everything possible to mitigate this, but please know that it is not totally unavoidable**