'The BIG Happy' 😎

'The BIG Happy' 😎

$ 200.00

Gang! Yup, we took our Classic Cloud next-level and created 'The Big Happy' - designed to be the easiest self-install y'all ever gonna do, this big girl is roughly 5ish feets by 3 feets and includes 2 big-ass balloons. Totally customizable, we can do literally any colorway y'all wantin', and just like our Bow-to-Go & our Classic Cloud, this artwork is engineered to stand upright on the floor or hang just how you want it to look from a ceiling or wall hook... u know like all how we do it 💅.. less fuss, more party 🥳

Now she's a lil' bigger.. actually double the size of our Classic Cloud, but rest assured, she still fits in your ride. She can squeeze in the backseat of a mid-size to large sedan and will fit beautifully in a standard size SUV or one of those cross-over thingies.

Made fresh, daily by free range, ethically sourced unicorns 🦄

Introduced in June 2020 as part of the funk|HAPPY collection, just in time for PRIDE 🥳