Boroumand Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 070321BOROUMAND
Boroumand Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 070321BOROUMAND

Boroumand Custom Balloon Installation - Job ID: 070321BOROUMAND

$ 875.00

Thank you for your interest in a funk|BALLOON custom Balloon Art Installation! 

Please read through this listing, carefully and let us know if anything is incorrect for your event. Please also know that payment for any custom garland is due immediately & until payment is made, we're afraid we're unable to guarantee your artwork, date, delivery or installation.


Will be installed under pavilion #2 at Monroeville Park. Balloons will be anchored to the top of one of the support beams, where it meets the roofline, and will organically billow and cascade down to the ground, spilling *into the pavilion. The exact pole will be determined once on-site to minimize contact with direct sunlight and coordinate with other event set-up elements (and to be friggin' awesome). The cascade will span a width of roughly 5 feet at the top, and gradually expand  & contract it's width as it moves toward the ground where it will reach it's maximum width of roughly 7 feet.


Dark Blue, Classic White and Classic Red.

(* denotes a custom color - custom colors are an upcharge of $25/color/garland)


Installation will occur on July 3rd, 2021 at 11am (event to begin at 2) at Pavilion #2 at Monroeville Park (west) (2399 Tilbrook Rd) & will take roughly 3 hours to complete. 



  • 6 Jumbo Organic Balloon Garlands, delivered + Installed - $875.00
  • Custom Colors - n/a
  • Additional Mileage - n/a


TOTAL: $875 (no tax)

**Payment is due Immediately; until payment is made, we are unable to guarantee your artwork, delivery or installation**. **if another customer pays before you do, and we are unable to accommodate both, your payment will be refunded ...sowwy, not sowwy?

After the event, funk|BALLOON will *Not* strike the installation. 

**funk|BALLOON is not responsible for popped, shriveled or vandalized balloons - No artwork is guaranteed, but outside artwork can be problematic due to weather, heat, wildlife, sharp things & mean people.. balloons may pop, shrivel or matte - funk|BALLOON does everything possible to mitigate this, but please know that it is not totally unavoidable & funk|BALLOON does not guarantee the lifespan of any installation**