Bathing Culture Organic Hand & Body Wash

Bathing Culture Organic Hand & Body Wash

$ 35.00

So we're basically obsessed.. I mean it's a rainbow in a glass ... oh and organic soap that smells like California.

A 16oz, plastic-free, permanent home for this organic hand and body soap. Available with plastic pump top or plastic-free metal cap. 

Formulated as a concentrate, so a lil' dab'il'do'ya


Organic coconut oil,
Organic olive oil,
Organic sunflower oil,
Natural plant glycerin (soy bean),
Aloe vera,
Shea butter,
Guar bean,
Citric acid,
& Essential oils.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Biodegradable

Note: cuz-a-covid, the color of the plastic pump top is black for the time being.