1pt Master Cocktail Infusion Kit

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New to Von Walter & Funk! We love this infusion Kit from Teroforma that lets you customize your drinking experience. Infuse your favorite alcohol for a whole new twist on your favorite cocktails, or transfer a batch into smaller bottles to gift to friends during the holidays.

Whether you are an experienced mixologist or just starting to explore the world of infused spirits, the Master Kit is a must-have. Teroforma's high-durability lab glass infusion bottle with walnut-finish cap infuses 375 ml of liquid (half of a standard bottle of spirits). It features a purpose-designed, stainless steel infusion basket ready to hold a single packet of any 1pt infusion blend, included inside. You also get a reusable, gold-finish, stainless steel tasting straw so that you can taste-test during the infusion process, a simple instruction guide, and some cocktail suggestions to start you off in the right direction.

  • Infuse alcohol and spirits efficiently, consistently, and affordably.
  • Provide balanced flavors that complement, rather than conquer, the spirits they infuse.
  • Deliver a consistent result, with each blend taking less than 6 hours to infuse.
  • Take the fear out of infusion by providing an “on the rails” experience.
  • It makes the infusion process super easy.


Includes: infusion bottle / tasting straw / variety pack / cocktail booklet