Muhle Blade Guard

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Have you recently started using safety razors? Have you been using them for a while now? No matter how experienced you are with the razors, you know that you need to keep those blades in good shape in order for them to work properly. Good items and quality blades can last when you take care of them, and the Muhle Blade Guard for Muhle DE Safety Razors is a great way to keep them in perfect shape. They keep the blades safe, but the real purpose is to make sure you are safe.

If you've ever had a cut from one of these things, then you know just how dangerous they can be' they have safety in the name, but that only goes so far. These guards ensure you will be able to store them safely and prevent cuts when you reach for them. They are ideal for storing them at home, and they really shine when you are traveling. The last thing you want to do is reach into your bag and cut yourself. These really are an essential item, even though the guards are things that many people simply never even consider buying. Don't make that mistake.

Razor not included.

One blade guard.

Made in Germany.