Mosser Glass

'The origins of Mosser Glass go back more than half a century to the time when my father Orie was the plant manager of the Cambridge Glass Company. I began working there as a teenager, learning the trade the right way, from bottom to top. When Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, I decided I wanted to continue in the glass business with a company of my own. It took a while for a young man just starting in life to put together the elements necessary to do that. I spent five years buying glass moulds, searching for used equipment I could afford and saving money. In 1959, I was finally able to begin manufacturing glassware in, of all places, an abandoned chicken coop. Things worked out and within two years, I was able to leave the coop and form Variety Glass, producing glassware for the pharmaceutical industry. I had decided from day one that I was committed to manufacturing quality glassware and I feel that brought us continuing success. In 1971, I established Mosser Glass. Today, we employ over 30 people in an efficient manufacturing process configured to provide the highest quality glassware for our customers. Our product line mixes new designs with timeless classics acquired from Viking, L.G. Wright and, of course, Cambridge Glass.'

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