Hester & Cook

It all began with a reclaimed door and a bottle of wine…and, of course, a doorknob. One evening, we were sitting around with a group of friends and a selection of vintage doorknobs trying to decide the best choice for our “new” old door. Out of the blue, Robbie picked up a doorknob, placed it on top of the wine bottle, and said, “This would make a great wine stopper.” A year later, after developing a marketing package and finalizing the design, we headed to the International Gift Show in Atlanta to introduce our new KnobStoppers. The rest, you could say, is history! That was almost eight years ago, and today we have a full line of creative bottle stoppers handcrafted in Nashville, Tennessee. Several years into the KnobStoppers business, we began coming up with ideas for new products that went beyond wine stoppers. We decided we needed another brand for these items, and CAKE Vintage Table & Home was born. This elegant home goods line offers a variety of table linens, vintage silver-plate flatware, handcrafted light fixtures and other unique kitchen accessories. In 2010, we launched our third brand, Kitchen Papers. Beautiful, functional paper placemat pads began as the cornerstone to this line, which has grown to include several styles of placemats, serving papers, paper table runners, napkins, coasters and more. Designed and printed in the USA, our products bring an everyday elegance and convenience to dining and serving. They feature a wide range of designs, from classic and vintage-inspired to colorful and quirky. There are even fun activity placemats for kids, sure to keep the entire family entertained!

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